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Marc Vanhoegaerden

Ciao,ik ben Marc en reeds van kindsaf was er steeds een speciale band tussen mij en allerhande dieren: honden, katten, riunderen, paarden, geiten, schapen, konijnen passeerden de revue en dierenarts worden was dan ook een logische keuze. Tijdens mijn studies had ik thuis honderden gevleugelde vrienden en op “kot” allerhande vissen. In 1989 ben ik dan met onderscheiding afgestudeerd als Doctor in de diergeneeskunde en mede oprichter van DAP DEN EIKBOS. Binnen de diergeneeskunde gaat mijn speciale interesse uit naar verschillende facetten van de chirurgie, waaronder endoscopie en laserchirurgie. In mijn vrije tijd is een initiatiecursus italiaans uitgegroeid tot “ Gli amici della lingua italiana”…

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Iris Frooninckx

I graduated with distinction from Ghent University in 1989 and co-founded Den Eikbos Veterinary Office in 1990. So many years later, my passion for animals and the profession remains great. 

My areas of interest are ophthalmology, cardiology and gynaecology. Even rabbits with all their peculiarities can count on the needed attention from me.

Annelies Van Roy 

I graduated as a small pets veterinarian from the Veterinary Medicine Department of Ghent University in 2014. Since November 2014 I’ve been working at Den Eikbos veterinary office where I have a special interest in the application of therapeutic laser treatments. In my spare time I’m busy with my Malinois Obi, who is also a blood donor at the office, or you can find me with my horse.

Charlotte De Maeseneer

I graduated in 2015 from the Veterinary Medicine Department of the Merelbeke Campus of Ghent University with a specialisation in cattle. My affinity with animals was given to me from childhood.

I’ve been working at Den Eikbos veterinary office since 2015 and treat both large and small pets. So you’ll regularly find me on the road as well as at the office.


Sarah Vanthournout

 When graduating from secondary school, I was introduced to animal care, a new direction that seemed interesting. Thus I was one of the first to graduate from the Melle Campus of University College Ghent with a specialisation in animal care. After graduation I immediately started work here at Den Eikbos. So I'm already a familiar face to many. At home I have 2 children who demand a lot of my life time. I also play basketball and care for our pets: Receje, our bufferfly rabbit; Lori, a bleu mountain lori; and our goldfish.

Stéphanie van Renynghe

I graduated as a veterinary assistant in 2012 from Thomas More University College in Geel. I've been dreaming of working with animals since first grade so this is my ideal job.  I started working at Den Eikbos in 2014.

In my spare time I take care of my 3 cats, and my hobbies are badminton and crocheting.



Lise Van Tricht